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MELT Method is a gentle self-treatment technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce persistent pain while easing the mind and restoring overall wellbeing.


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Your Issues

Are in Your Tissues!

Discover simple self-treatment that helps you stay healthy, youthful, and pain free

Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different balls, MELT is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release compression in joints.

This total body method of self-care can be customized to your particular needs – from improving performance and decreasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries to eliminating chronic pain, regardless of what’s causing your pain in the first place!


MELT improves:

  • Flexibility
  • Alignment & posture
  • The results of exercise
  • Joint mobility
  • Sleep & digestion
  • Overall well-being

MELT reduces:

  • Aches & pains
  • Wrinkles
  • Appearance of cellulite
  • Tension & stress
  • Headaches
  • The risk of injury


Learn How to Get Out (and Stay Out) of Pain

MELT creates results you will see and feel in the first session. Over time MELT heightens your body’s ability to repair and heal itself, which can create remarkable lasting changes. Best of all, your body feels great long after you MELT! 

Daily living creates stress and tension within your body. Physical stressors may range from sitting at a desk to running a marathon. Emotional, mental, and environmental stressors also put strain on your body.

The repetitive stress of daily living literally gets stuck in the connective tissue, which surrounds every joint, muscle, nerve, bone, and organ. “Stuck stress” accumulates and causes dehydration in the connective tissue, which interferes with the nervous system’s ability to regulate itself and slows down the body’s natural healing process.

This creates a domino effect that begins with aches and stiffness and leads to common health issues such as neck and low back pain, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, and injury. Accelerated aging and chronic health problems can follow, leaving us with limited options such as medication, surgery, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

When the connective tissue is hydrated and free of stuck stress, your body functions more efficiently and natural healing occurs daily. MELT is a breakthrough self-care technique that directly addresses stuck stress and slows down the aging process by rehydrating the connective tissue and rebalancing the nervous system. 

The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment system designed to help you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. 

MELT, an acronym for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique, simplifies established and new neurofascial science into an education system  that is fun, engaging, and encourages lifelong self-care.

Using soft rollers and balls, MELT blends massage techniques, mindful meditation and breathwork to help boost the body’s natural healing mechanisms with self-myofascial restorative techniques that simulate hands-on therapeutic practices.

This preventative, proactive approach known as Hands-Off Bodywork® is a simple, daily self-care practice anyone, at any age or activity level, can use to effectively improve their sense of wellbeing and live a more active, healthy, pain-free life.

The missing link to pain-free living is a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue, also referred to as fascia. These two components work together to provide your body support and optimal mind-body communication. MELT directly addresses these two systems of your body through the use of gentle tools (MELT balls and soft roller) for the goals of fascial tissue remodeling, pain relief, and performance improvement. 

MELT quickly rehydrates connective tissue and allows the body to release long-held tension and stress that leads to chronic pain. MELT is easy to learn and offers results you will see and feel the first time you try it. Changes in alignment, flexibility, energy, mood, and performance occur within only a few sessions.

The ultimate goal of MELT is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. MELT offers natural pain relief, allowing you to address the true cause of chronic pain, not just mask the symptoms. 

MELT makes use of gentle tools and self-care protocols to improve the supportive qualities of the connective tissue system, scientifically called fascia, as a vehicle to restore neurological stability and sensory motor control. The ultimate outcome is pain relief, and performance improvement.

The specialized MELT balls and rollers allow you to learn gentle application and specific compression-techniques that are suitable for anyone, at any age. Unlike heavy compression techniques and tools that can be too invasive for those suffering with a wide array of disorders, injuries, and chronic medical conditions, MELT’s unique method employs a non-traumatizing, indirect approach to self-administered treatments using techniques similar to that of a hands-on therapist. Using active and passive methods that a person can quickly learn, these light-touch techniques help regulate sympathetic to parasympathetic tone, improve heart rate variability (HRV), and fine-tune sensorimotor control.

New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy, supportive connective tissue. These two components work together to provide your body support and optimal mind-body communication. MELT directly addresses these two systems of your body in a way no other self-treatment does, as its focus is on restoring the fluid flow in fascia – a critical element to our overall health and immune functions. Far beyond a healthy diet and daily activities and exercise, MELT can prepare you for daily life and restore your body after any activity. In doing so, you’ll spend less time repairing your body and recovering from repetitive stress injuries. You’ll see and feel results in the first session.

The ultimate goal of MELT is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. MELT offers natural pain relief, allowing you to address the true cause of chronic pain, not just mask the symptoms. Using the 4R protocol of the MELT Restore program: Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, Release you’ll learn to identify pre-pain signals before they cause symptoms allowing you to become proactive, rather than reactive to pain and discomfort. You’ll eliminate the common culprit to pain symptoms and become your own self-care manager.

You’ll learn to identify your own common imbalances and access your “inner therapist” to save you time and money seeking professional help in your pursuit to lead an active, healthy, pain-free life at any age.


MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and live pain-free. For women and men over 40 who want to stay active, mobile, and independent – MELT is a must. MELT is also for active younger adults and athletes who want to maintain a healthy body and achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear. Even children can benefit from MELT.

If you are injured, post-surgery, pregnant, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, or have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee or hip replacements, or bone disorders – you can still MELT. It’s the best starting point for any exercise and wellness program. People who MELT regularly find that they can be active again. It’s just more fun to move when your body feels good, has more energy, and is free of pain.

MELT quickly rehydrates connective tissue and allows the body to release long-held tension and stress that leads to chronic pain. MELT is easy to learn and offers results you will see and feel the first time you try it. Changes in alignment, flexibility, energy, mood, and performance occur within only a few sessions.

MELT can help you fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly, have more energy during the day, improve your posture, reduce stress and tension, shed excess body fat, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. Best of all, your body will feel great long after you MELT!

The results that MELT provides were previously available only through ongoing, costly hands-on therapies. Now you can be your own Hands-off Bodyworker® and be in control of your health.


If you suffer from chronic pain, it’s best to MELT for 10 minutes a day up to one hour before bedtime to achieve a better night’s sleep, a key factor in eliminating pain and helping your body repair itself.

If you’re active, MELT before strength training to improve your stability and prepare your body for activity. MELT after a strenuous cardiovascular workout or sports performance to erase joint compression and stiffness, assist in recovery, and restore muscle synergy. 

Just 10 minutes of MELT, three times a week is all you need to eliminate the mental and physical stress that accumulates from daily living, before it causes persistent pain and dysfunctions.

It's easy!

1. Get started with Level 1: Hand and Foot Treatment

In this workshop series, you will learn more the MELT approach to pain and how to use the MELT balls and bunion band, so that you feel empowered to MELT on your own.

2. Progress to Level 2: Soft Roller Techniques

In this workshop series, you will learn how to use the MELT Soft Roller to work on the masses of the body and address the areas where stuck stress tends to live - the shoulder girdle, pelvis & diaphragm.

3. Attend Level 3: MELT Map Sequences

After you have taken the Level 1 & 2 prerequisite workshops, you will have the experience, understanding and practice of the MELT moves and sequences using the MELT balls and soft roller to now attend a group class, where there is less time spent on cueing and learning about MELT and more time spent on practicing and honing your moves and sequences. This is similar to how you would first attend a beginner's class to first learn the basics of the poses before dropping in to an all-levels yoga class. 

Get started by learning more about each of the levels described below.

You can buy the MELT equipment (MELT kit, soft roller) required for each of the levels from our online store and pick it up from our studio location.

When you sign-up for each of the levels, the required equipment is also listed on the registration page for you to add to your cart.

If you would like to try MELT first to see if it's a good fit for you, then sign up below to join the next available "Intro to MELT workshop"; otherwise, if no date is listed then join the email waitlist at the bottom of this page and we will let you know when our next "Intro to MELT" session will be taking place.

Whether you are looking for one-on-one instruction, a group class, or a special event, our MELT instructor is ready to help you transform your body!

Contact us via email or phone to schedule your session. Sessions can be done in-person or online via Zoom.

Your Journey Towards Pain-Free Living Begins Here...

Get started today! 

Begin with our Intro to MELT workshop or start at Level 1 below:

Intro to MELT Workshop

This workshop is an excellent way to try out the MELT Method using the provided balls and soft roller before registering for the subsequent workshop series (Hand & Foot, Soft Roller, etc). Try it out and you'll be amazed by the difference you feel after you've MELTed!


Hand & Foot Treatment

(Level 1)

Learn the MELT moves and sequences to massage your hands and feet in order to treat your entire body and become pain-free!


Soft Roller Techniques

(Level 2)

Learn how to use the MELT soft roller in order to hydrate connective tissue, release tension and improve neural connections to become pain-free!


MELT Map Sequences

(Level 3)

Combines techniques and treatments from the previous levels to build MELT map sequences.  Using the MELT soft body roller and balls, rehydrate your connective tissue, rebalance your nervous system, and restore space to compressed joints.


"These MELT sessions seem to have elevated me to a new level!

Not so long ago I was feeling increasingly limited due to overall aches and pains, attributed to arthritis, years of poor posture and unavoidable aging. I was already finding much improvement from attending your yoga classes but these melt sessions seem to have elevated me to a new level, where my range of motion is so much more improved. I now turn my neck just because I can, from side to side, up and down and am still surprised to not feel pain or hear any clicking sounds that I came to take for granted. Another delight that I recently realized is that my formerly arthritic fingers move freely, whether typing on a keyboard, writing with a pen or pencil. I highly recommend Yoga & Tea and Navjit Kaur's instruction. These Melt classes truly enhance one's overall health, both physically and mentally."


The Origin of MELT

Why anyone, anywhere, can take steps to restore whole-body efficiency and lead a healthier, more active life.

Who Created MELT?

MELT was created by New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT. Sue is a manual therapist, exercise physiologist, and founding member of the Fascia Research Society. She is an accredited industry leader and internationally recognized educator in the fitness and therapeutic industries. 

What started as homework for her private clients has become an international brand and educational training program. Sue has spent decades assimilating groundbreaking science and research into a one-of-a-kind self-treatment method to empower people to become their own Hands-Off Bodyworker®. 

What is MELT based on?

All MELT techniques and protocols were built upon key aspects of these major hands-on therapies and influencers: Neuromuscular Therapy (Chaitow), CranioSacral (Upledger), Manual Muscle Testing (Kendall and McCreary), Lymphatic Drainage (Chikly), Visceral Manipulation (Barral), Anatomy Trains (Myers), Structural Integration (Rolf), the World Fascia Congress (Vleeming, Pollack, Hedley, Stecco et al.), and others.

Has MELT been reviewed by experts?

MELT has been reviewed by internationally respected doctors, neuroscientists, and connective tissue researchers, including Ben Domb, M.D.; Tom Myers; Gil Hedley, Ph.D.; Robert Schleip, Ph.D.; and Jean Pierre Barral, D.O. Each expert has recognized that MELT is grounded in scientific principles and offers extraordinary benefits. MELT is currently being used in hospitals and physical therapy offices as a rehabilitation tool to empower clients to accelerate improvements and get back into their active lifestyle.

Research is proving that MELT restores the elasticity of the connective tissue and reduces unwanted stiffness that causes this tissue to become less able to stabilize joints and support daily movements. Scientific research into the efficacy of the MELT Method was presented at the Fourth International Fascia Research Congress in Washington, DC, in September 2015.

How does MELT compare to other modalities?

Although MELT is a complementary self-care technique that can be combined with other therapeutic treatments and exercise workouts, it is unlike any other modalities because it directly addresses an entirely different system of the body. MELT is to the neurofascial system (nervous and connective tissue system) what exercise and rehabilitation are to the musculoskeletal system. The scientific principles and direct self-treatment of the neurofascial system are being introduced to the general public for the first time by Sue Hitzmann and MELT.

What’s more, adding MELT to your current routine can boost the results of whatever else you’re doing. If you get hands-on therapy, such as massage, bodywork, chiropractic, or physical therapy, MELT helps to prolong your practitioner’s intervention and lets you practice self-care between sessions.

Where is Stuck Stress

Living in Your Body?

Learn how to treat yourself like a skilled, hands-off therapist

MELT is both “prehab” (a method you can use to prevent pain and issues before they start) and a practice that can help ease aches or imbalances that have already set in.


“A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime.”

- Sue Hitzmann