60hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

The most comprehensive program for understanding the philosophy and principles of Restorative Yoga

This training develops your own personal yoga practice and lifestyle so that you can create and deliver amazing class sequences as a teacher.




Ottawa 60hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Program

Part-time Weekday, Live Online Virtual Training



  • Depending on Covid restrictions in place, this training may be offered LIVE online via Zoom and once COVID-19 health risks are over and we can safely resume as normal, you will have the option to continue online or move to in-person training at the studio or other designated location.

  • A kick-off meeting will be scheduled to ensure that all students are properly setup with audio/video/ergonomics for online learning via Zoom.

  • This hybrid training model has been approved by Yoga Alliance

Our life-changing program is a right fit if you are:

  • interested in understanding the key fundamentals of Restorative Yoga in order to develop your own personal practice
  • planning to teach Restorative Yoga and want to develop your mindset, teaching skillset and business acumen so that you can share your passion with your community
  • seeking proper certification in Restorative Yoga with a recognized Yoga Alliance approved program
  • looking to take Continuing Education Credits with an experienced lead trainer who is an Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)
  • interested in reviewing your lifestyle and integrating health-promoting habits for a transformational  way of being
  • ready to live your best life and inspire others to do so as well!









By the End of This Program,

you will know:

History & Philosophy

  • An overview of the origin & philosophy of Restorative yoga
  • The definition of yoga, Restorative yoga and how it compares to other styles of yoga
  • Understand the relationship between
    asana (poses), pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation

Anatomy & Physiology

  • The anatomy basics of Restorative yoga
  • How Restorative yoga addresses the body 
  • The role of Restorative yoga as the antidote to stress and its impact on the nervous system 
  • Restorative yoga for recovery and and healing 

Yoga Anatomy

  • The subtle anatomy of Restorative yoga
  • Yogic anatomy and physiology (koshas, kundalini, prana, vayus, chakras)
  • Various breathing techniques (pranayama) and the effect of breath on anatomy and subtle body
  • How to practice and teach Restorative poses integrating pranayama techniques such as Long Deep Breathing & Ujjayi  Breath 
  • How to assess energetic needs and apply appropriate techniques

Yoga Asana (Poses)

  • How to practice and teach over 25 key Restorative yoga poses
  • How to practice and teach each pose safely by providing alignment cues, modifications and integrating with breath
  • How to use counter poses when coming out of a Restorative pose
  • How to use the variety of props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, eye pillow, sandbags, straps, wraps, etc) to make poses accessible to differently abled bodies, and how to work with injuries
  • The proper alignment principles of Restorative yoga poses, contraindications and how to prevent injuries
  • How to categorize poses into the key asana groups and understand their use
  • How to analyze poses to understand their anatomical, psychological and energetic benefits
  • How to assess your own needs and those of your class attendees when it comes to practicing Restorative yoga


  • How to explain the purpose and benefits of meditation
  • How to integrate visualizations into the poses 
  • How to setup and prepare for meditation
  • The use of breath, eye focus and mudras for meditation
  • How to practice a variety of meditations using silence, with and without mantra
  • How to develop your own meditation practice
  • How to effectively teach meditation
  • How to use a variety of mantras, the purpose and benefits of mantra and sound for your body, mind and spirit

Teaching Methodology

  • How to create a welcoming, sacred space for your class
  • The language of Restorative Yoga (teacher cueing, student self-awareness, how to set intention and allow for inner work, the difference between teaching Restorative yoga and other styles of yoga)

  • How to use the practice of Yoga Nidra, and develop scripts to guide your class into a deep relaxation
  • The art of sequencing a Restorative yoga class in order to create a safe, effective and balanced class plan
  • How to create class themes for the season, to target specific areas of the body, and health issues
  • How to sequence your class for the audience you have in mind
  • How to use verbal and visual cueing when teaching
  • How to make effective use of music,  sound and silence in your class depending on the intention of the practice
  • How to manage your class from beginning to end
  • How to find, develop and teach with your authentic voice

Personal Development & Self Care

  • Strategies for developing a daily personal yoga practice for self-assessment and customizing your plan and goals
  • Self-reflection and tools for personal growth using journaling & assignments relevant to the topics covered each class
  • How to layer the practice with intent, observation and enhance your ability to letting go of stress and tension
  • How to use Restorative poses and sequences to deal with headaches, digestive issues, and anxiety and other ailments
  • How to improve your overall health using the "Foods that Fight That Pain Program" by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

    • Understand the role that food, digestion and elimination have in physical and mental health

    • Using foods against injury and irritation

    • Foods and nerve function

    • Boosting pain resistance

Professional Development

  • How to convey the features and benefits of Restorative yoga to your audience
  • How to identify your niche and ideal client
  • How to create your message to your ideal client
  • How to market and promote your classes
  • How to stock your home practice space and/or studio with the necessary props 
  • How to work 1:1  with private clients
  • The value of staying connected with your peers and trainer for momentum, support and for continuing education

Practice Teaching

  • How to feel competent and confident from your experience of teaching your classmates the various components of a class: opening with mantra, pranayama, individual yoga poses, relaxation, meditation and closing with mantra
  • Draw from your experience of hosting your own 'friends & family' practicum class
  • How to  create your class sequences and have access to our library of class sequences available online 
  • How to use the feedback and suggestions from your mentor and peers
  • How to keep honing your skills with your accountability partner, peers and mentor











It's All in the Details...

This program will give you a deeper appreciation of this much-needed yoga practice, and explain why it compliments other active yoga practices!

  • Become a competent and confident Restorative Yoga Practitioner & Teacher with this comprehensive yoga training program
  • Receive your certification to qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CEU) with Yoga Alliance, enabling you to work your way towards the 500hr RYT certification
  • Train with our award-winning studio
  • Enjoy a low student to teacher ratio that will promote more individual attention and personal development
  • Learn at a comfortable pace with this 1 day a week program spread over 8 weeks (keep your weekends free!)
  • Train with our knowledgeable lead trainer, an expert in their field and over 15 years of experience in health & wellness
  • Receive an official Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202) for Tuition and Education Tax Credits for personal income tax


My name is Navjit Kaur, and I'm the Lead Trainer (E-RYT 500, YACEP) and creator of this program. I've had the honour of training people like you to become a yoga teacher since 2012. 

My approach in this training is to provide you with the necessary experience of being a student of yoga first, to develop your personal yoga practice at home, so that you can then authentically teach from what you know, and understand the essence of yoga by going your own wins and challenges both on the mat and off.

I'm a mom, wife, Professional Engineer and Yogipreneur, so I understand what it's like to be pulled in so many directions, and is why I love sharing how the practice of yoga helps you to deal with modern day issues relating to stress, health and relationships. 

My students describe me as having a great sense of humour, as being approachable, caring, inspiring,  an effective communicator, and super organized. My goal is to make this program accessible to varying fitness levels, to provide introspection and growth, an opportunity for you to heal, and be challenged to excel through your perceived blocks. 

I'm also certified as a Food For Life Cooking Instructor, by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and integrate into the program how plant-based diets can help to prevent and reverse illness. You'll learn many self-care techniques in this program to decrease inflammation and pain from your body so that you can move with more ease and flexibility.

Since 2005, I've taught well over 5000 hours and continue to deepen my own personal practice and the art of teaching by taking continuing education.

Your journey within begins with taking this first step and I look forward to welcoming you on this path!

Navjit Kaur


"In each pose, there should be repose."

- B.K.S. Iyengar