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Maximize the benefits of walking with Breathwalk, a step-by step program which combines breathwork and meditation with synchronized walking steps, yoga warmups and cooldown. Breathwalk your way to a revitalized body, mind and spirit in less than an hour!



This program is for you if you're looking to:

  • Get more active with a low-impact activity for your joints
  • Spend more time outdoors enjoying nature
  • Boost your stamina
  • Conquer stress and anxiety
  • Build up body strength and endurance
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Manage your weight
  • Reduce falls and fractures
  • Improve heart health
  • Ease joint pain
  • Improve your sleep
  • Feel better both physically and mentally
  • Achieve results in under an hour


Amplify the benefits of walking and learn how to Breathwalk

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Proper Breath is Key

Walking is Medicine

Breathing and walking are two of our most fundamental activities.

It makes sense then to start here - to bring more awareness to how you breathe and how you move. Breathwalk is the most simplest and easiest way to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual fitness!


Breathe. Walk. Focus

Access Your Vitality

Discover the four main benefits from Breathwalk:
  • Increased energy level
  • Mood control
  • Refined mental quality
  • Feelings of connectedness

When you experience these benefits, you have the key to vitality, mental and emotional flexibility, and personal balance so you can excel under the pressures of work and changes in your life.



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By the End of This Program You Will Know:

How to magnify the benefits of walking with breathing techniques, yoga & meditation

  • How to follow a Breathwalk workout plan and the five steps: 1) Awaken, 2) Align, 3) Vitalize , 4) Balance, and 5) Integrate
  • How to breathe properly and fix some common breathing mistakes
  • How to practice various breath patterns to access your nervous system such as changing breath frequency, ratios, segmented breathing and suspending the breath
  • How to perform several yoga warm-up exercises to prime your breath and body for your walk
  • How to scan and assess your body alignment and implement a checklist for good posture and form to improve your walking gait and stride and minimize joint pain and injury
  • How to synchronize your breath pattern with your walking stride and add in meditative focus, mantra and a finger tapping mudra
  • How to open your senses and find mental focus as you walk
  • How to cool-down with several yoga poses once you complete your walk
  • How to use a relaxation period to integrate the effects of your walk in your body
  • How to use meditation to integrate the benefits of your Breathwalk, clear your mind and bring intention into your day
  • The science behind Breathwalk and its effect on heart rhythm, visual vocus, muscle balance, brain activity, mood changes

Learn how to Breathwalk with this program:

16 Breathwalk Workout Plans:

  1. Quick Start Energy Booster
  2. Rejuvenate Your Energy Reserves
  3. Gather Your Distributed Energy
  4. Simple Anxiety to Calm
  5. From Depression to Clear and Connected
  6. From Distracted, Busy, and Hyperactive to Receptive and Intimate
  7. From Doubtful and Lethargic to Motivated and Ready
  8. Mental Clarity
  9. Intuition
  10. Focus
  11. Learn and Create
  12. Rapport
  13. Consistency
  14. Integrity
  15. Emotional Presence
  16. Spiritual Abundance

5 Meditations:

  1. Gathering Your Senses
  2. Sensory Bubble
  3. Walking the Breath
  4. Play and Replay
  5. The Whole Brain Cinema

2 Mantras:

  1. Sa Ta Na Ma
  2. Waheguru

1 Mudra:

  1. Finger Tapping

12 Awakener Exercise Routines:

  1. Opening to Go
  2. Hip and Spine Balance
  3. Potency and Zeal
  4. Relax and Center
  5. New Lungs
  6. Spinal Flex
  7. Better Moods
  8. Pure Joy
  9. Intuitively Right
  10. Being Present
  11. Letting Go
  12. Loving Feelings

11 Breath Patterns:

  1. The Eagle
  2. The Dove
  3. The Hawk
  4. The Owl
  5. The Tiger
  6. The Cheetah
  7. The Lion
  8. The Blissful Eagle
  9. The Intuitive Dove
  10. The Radiant Hawk
  11. The Magnificient Lion

2 Cool-Down Routines:

  1. Opening the Senses
  2. Triple Balance Stretch

Walk Your Way To Better Health With This First Step...

Choose your option below:

Option #1

Breathwalk: In-Person

4-Week Class Series PLUS Follow-Along Videos

A wonderful introduction to Breathwalk, as you will learn:
  • 2 Walking Plans
  • 2 Breathing Patterns
  • 2 Awakener Exercise Routines
  • 2 Cool-Down Routines
  • 1 Meditation
  • 2 Mantras
  • 1 Mudra
  • Includes lifetime access to Follow-Along Videos for this series so you can Breathwalk on your own using your phone and our app!

Here's the structure of this 75 minute outdoor fitness program:

  • Intro & Warmups (yoga poses and breath exercises = 10 minutes)
  • Walking with breath, alignment and meditation techniques (25-40 minutes)
  • Cool down (yoga poses = 5 minutes)
  • Relaxation (5 minutes)
  • Meditation (3 minutes)
This program is open to all adults and fitness levels.  We walk...rain or shine! 

  • 9:00am-10:15am, Thursdays
  • June 8 – June 29, 2023
  • 4 weeks
  • Location: Carp village 
  • $199 +HST

Registration now closed



Option #2

Breathwalk: Online Course

16-Week Self-Paced Online Course

This online course teaches you the complete Breathwalk program with easy step-by-step demonstration videos and audio tracks.

Navjit Kaur teaches you the power of synchronizing your breath, stride, finger tapping and meditative focus.  You'll  be guided every step of the way on maximizing your two most natural activities: breathing and walking!  

Each week starts with an overview of the Breathwalk Workout Plan being introduced, its benefits and techniques. A new video is unlocked each week and remains available indefinitely, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course, and revisit the material as often as you like.

This online course includes everything you need to perform a  Breathwalk session in under 1 hour, from start to finish:

  • 16 Breathwalk Workout Plans
  • 12 Awakener Exercise Routines
  • 11 Breath Patterns
  • 5 Meditations
  • 2 Mantras
  • 1 Mudra
  • 2 Cool-Down Routines

Simply use your phone to follow the videos/audio on our app!

Conveniently adjust the speed of the video/audio track to adjust to your preferred walking pace

✓ Traveling? Won't have internet? Don't want to use up your data? No problem! Download your video onto the app before you go Breathwalk!

✓ Use the program during any season - even indoors on your treadmill!

✓ Lifetime Access! 

Interested in when this program will be launched? 



"I recently attended a 6 week outdoor workshop on Breathwalk,

 which combines walking and meditating. I found it to be very informative while taking in the glorious colors of the fall season. I will continue using the various breathing techniques while walking and hiking."

Nicole McKenna


Access Your Nervous System

Tap into Healing

Breathwalk participants have experienced relief with the following issues:
Anxiety Stress Hypertension
Depression Impulsiveness Emotional trauma
Back pain Obesity Weak immune system
Fatigue Moodiness Poor circulation
Travel stress Inflexibility Addictive impulses
Feeling overwhelmed Low Stamina Reduced potency

It may seem a little amazing that something as simple as walking and breathing can be so profound, yet as fast as the world and technology around you is changing - regulating how your body and mind handles these changes depends on how well your nervous system and glandular system can adapt to those changes. Scientists have shown proper breathing gives you control of your nervous system to elevate your mood, create relaxation and shield you from many effects of stress and aid in pain control.


  • Yoga & Tea Studio

    “The techniques and practice of Breathwalking create vitality and an alternative to traditional forms of exercise that can result in profound health through oxygenation of the body. It's part of my regimen and I recommend it wholeheartedly!”

    Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

  • Yoga & Tea Studio

    “Research has shown that walking 30 minutes 5 times a week can add 3.5 years to your life.”

  • Yoga & Tea Studio

    “Walking is man's best medicine!”

    Greek physician - Father of modern medicine