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Is This You?

You're a Course Creator, Coach, Consultant, or Influencer

You may be new to Simplero, starting your business from scratch, migrating over from other platforms, or an already established Simplero user.

You want to work with someone who can effectively:

  1. Get your message and services out into the world and into the hands of your ideal customer
  2. Help you nurture relationships with your customers
  3. Focus on delivering high quality services to your customers
  4. Increase your business profitability
  5. Save you time, money and energy so you have more freedom to do what you enjoy!

If I just read your mind, then let's talk and discuss your project!



This is Me!

Welcome! I'm Navjit Kaur, and I’m delighted to help you run your dream business with Simplero as a certified expert.

I understand that your most valuable resources are your time and energy, which is why my approach to working with you is centered around effective communication and having efficient processes in place to support understanding your message, goals and deliverables.  Together, let’s transform your challenges into wins!

Whether that involves me writing or editing your content copy, email sequences, automations, product and course development, website design, membership design, or discussing your business vision – I can help you to define your needs and provide strategies of how Simplero implementations can benefit your overall business.

My clients describe me as having a great sense of humour, as being approachable, caring, inspiring, a skillful communicator, and super organized. I aim to make using Simplero as seamless as possible for you and to accelerate your business success!

In addition to working in the software industry for over 10 years, I'm also a certified yoga trainer - having used Simplero myself as a content creator - so you get the added perk of my zen attitude for when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the stress of technology. Now, take a deep calming breath and let’s get it done!

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Smart entrepreneurs know...

your most important resource is your own time and energy.


You've come to the right place!


As a Certified Simplero Expert, I have:

  • completed Simplero's comprehensive training program
  • received an A+ on the Simplero Experts Certification Exam
  • stayed up to date with new features and improvements (and will re-certify annually)
  • learned how to use Simplero to set your business up for success
  • demonstrated being a team player with a positive get-things-done attitude
  • mindset coaching and business development training

If you need someone to help you conquer your business challenges, then find out if I am a good fit for you and your business goals.


What Is Simplero?

It's an all-in-one platform that makes it simple to integrate your business all in one place!

 Create online courses

Host media files (videos, documents, pictures)

 Sell subscriptions

 Manage payments

 Set up membership sites

 Build landing pages

 Design the perfect website

 Create email lists

 Send email campaigns

Manage contacts

 Write a blog

 Host events

 Setup affiliate programs

 Create forms and quizzes

 Setup certificates

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How I Can Help You

Whether you're New to Simplero, Starting Your Biz From Scratch, Migrating from Another Platform or an Existing Simplero User

New to Simplero?

You're curious to know if Simplero is the one for you!

 I can help you to:

  • Determine your business needs and analyze how Simplero would correlate
  • Analyze best fit and gaps with implementing Simplero for your business
  • Identify which Simplero package would be best for your use case
  • Provide you with a detailed tour of Simplero features and use cases for your business


Starting Your Biz From Scratch?

You're just starting with your online business, and looking to learn from someone who has experience on that path!

I can help you to plan and execute on identifying:

  • Your niche product/service
  • Your ideal customer
  • How to design your online course
  • How to price your online course
  • How to setup your business on Simplero
  • How to launch your course
  • How to automate your business
  • How to analyze the results

Depending on your time and budget, you can decide to follow the plan on your own with milestone check-ins or have me do some or all of the work for you! 



Migrating From Another Platform?

You've decided it's time to streamline. Your business is all over the place and you're ready to move it all to one place on Simplero. Congratulations, that was a smart decision!

I can help you to plan and execute on the following:

  • Explore your needs and identify all the moving parts 
  • Analyze your current business processes, services and automations and provide strategies
  • Discuss with you what's currently working well and what you would like to improve on
  • Have a look at current metrics and how to map those going forward with Simplero
  • Identify your business goals, priorities, roadmap, budget and timelines
  • Propose automations that can be implemented within Simplero to save time, effort and boost sales

Depending on your time and budget, you can decide to follow the plan on your own with milestone check-ins or have me do some or all of the work for you! 


Existing Simplero User?

You may be interested in having another set of eyes on your Simplero account, need help to optimize existing work or implement something new.

I can help you to plan and execute on the following:

  • Explore your needs, current implementation and outline beneficial next steps with a priority on increasing your return on investment (ROI)
  • Analyze how you can maximize your use of Simplero features to help automate your business and to boost sales
  • Develop online courses, landing pages, membership sites, website, email sequences, setup events, affiliate programs, setup forms and quizzes, setup certificates, capture metrics and reports
  • Depending on your time and budget, you can decide to follow the plan on your own with milestone check-ins or have me do some or all of the work for you! 


See for yourself how I can help you use Simplero as the platform to sell online courses

Work Portfolio

Here is a sample of my work within various industries

Yoga & Tea Studio

Here is an example of a sales page


Yoga & Tea Studio

Here is an example of a lead magnet landing page


Simply Investing

This is an example of a website



  • Yoga & Tea Studio

    “Navjit Kaur has provided me with valuable insights on how to improve my website, course layout, email campaigns and automations. She outlined a plan, gave me a checklist of what I had to do on my end, and then she implemented the changes. She was organized, gave me updates and working with her freed up a lot of my time, improved my customer reach and increased sales. I highly recommend her as a Simplero Certified Expert!”

    Founder, Simply Investing


Questions Other Clients Asked

Before Signing Up To Work With Me

When you schedule your free Discovery Call (up to 1 hour online via Zoom), you will fill out an intake form to provide some details about your business needs. I will use this information to evaluate the scope of your project, understand your business and prepare for our Discovery Call. Our time on the call can be up to 1 hour and is used to get to know one another, discuss the project scope, get further clarification and to determine next steps. If we decide to proceed ahead, I will follow-up our call by providing you with a proposal summary. 

Depending on the scope of work, we can discuss a one-time contract, or a retainer fee for monthly hours set aside for your new project or maintenance hours post project delivery.

I am currently available to take on new projects and clients. However, my availability is subject to change based on client demand and projects underway; so it is advisable to schedule your Discovery Call as early as possible in your planning stage, so that I can evaluate the scope of your project and commit it to my schedule.

I can help you with the following using Simplero:

  • online business strategy
  • audit your online business
  • migration from existing platforms (email, website, videos, membership) 
  • website design
  • write content copy
  • branding
  • Image design for your media library (course/product/social image cards)
  • sales funnel design (landing page, opt-in, thank-you page, email sequence, automation, sales)
  • Lead magnet creation and launch
  • Email opt-in forms, lists, email campaigns (confirmation, welcome, nurture sequence)
  • newsletters and blogs
  • Course creation and membership site design
  • Create events (one-time or recurring)
  • Product launch (single purchase and subscriptions)
  • order bumps, upsells and pricing strategies
  • Event setup
  • Quizzes and certificate setup
  • Setup affiliate programs
  • Maintenance and continuing support

If your business is based in Canada, your invoice will be in CDN currency and show HST based on your province.

For all businesses located outside of Canada, your invoice will be in USD currency. 

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